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      Featured Synergy Blog Posts and Articles

      Which Intercooler Water Pump Is Best?

      Which Pump is Best for Boosted and  Intercooled Systems
      The uninitiated seem to think that a pump is a pump and all water pumps move water the same and they could not be more wrong. Every time I hear that I just roll my eyes. A water pump is so many other things and there is so much more to moving fluid. There are water pumps that are designed to remove water from a place and just move it to another place. Then there are pumps that are designed to move water while having pressure or load in front of them. These are key things to think about when you have a water system in a vehicle that contains a tank, heat exchanger, intercooler bricks, hose ends and about 30-40 feet of hose. The water pump choice is the most critical of the entire water system.

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      Blower Porting, Airflow, Superchargers and Boost

      Blower Porting, Airflow, Superchargers and Boost
      I would have to say my love of blower porting started over 10 years ago when the Corvette ZR1's LS9 was new and popular. There was not much about the LS9 (or it’s 2.3L blower) that we knew yet and the only upgrades available were your basic supercharger pulley (upper) and the blower snout from Lingenfelter (LPE). The LPE snout was (and still is) great - it showed me how you feed a blower and how you can improve what the blower can do by feeding it correctly.

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