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      Designing a Supercharger Lid

      Synergy Billet LSx Supercharger Lid
      You can use the setup on the LS9 or LSA supercharger cars. The lid gives you options. Any LS9 intercooler brick you have will work with the lid. It doesn’t do worse than the OEM lid or any of the other aftermarket lids, so we’re happy with it and we think that you will be too.

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      Rebuild Blower when Blower Porting?

      Synergy Blower Rebuild
      When a blower shows up at our shop for porting, we have to remember these things. Everything gets taken apart to the bare bones. Every bearing is right there, taken out of the case or snout. Unfortunately, the only way to remove the bearings is to break them, so they become un-reusable.

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