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      Featured Blog Posts and Articles — performance parts

      The Supply Chain Issue in the Automotive Industry

      The Supply Chain Issue in the Automotive Industry
      Some people are more affected by the supply chain than others, but I’m sure we can all think of at least one thing you just can’t get anymore. Now imagine there being many things you need to use every day that you just can’t get anymore. That’s our daily reality in the performance automotive industry.

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      Camshafts and Their Personalities

      Internal Engine detonation - Synergy Motorsports
      When you are faced with designing a camshaft for someone, you are faced with a dozen possible questions. What do you want to do with the car, what kind of gas are you running, what is your power goal, etc. The list goes on.

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      Jack of all Trades, Master of None…

      Master of None Blog
      I seem to dive into every subject of what I do, to the point where you would think I was only focusing on one direction of thinking. But, that's not true. I found that being a Master of None, is actually being the best of who you can be.

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