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      CTS-V - V1/V2/V3/V4 Performance Parts / Accessories

      2004-2007 CTS-V (V1) ● 2009-2014 CTS-V (V2) ● 2016-2019 CTS-V (V3) ● 2022 CT5-V (V4)

      The Cadillac CTS-V didn't have to exist.  The idea of a luxury brand stuffing a performance tuned LS/LT motor under the hood (in some cases supercharged) can't make sense to beancounters - BUT it sure makes sense to us!  The 1st generation CTS-V sported an LS6 (or LS2) motor putting down over 400HP and things just got better from there.  the V2 CTS-V got an aluminum LSA block mated to a 1.9L blower which upped the output to 550+HP.  Pushing things further still the 3rd generation CTS-V got (essentially) a direct C7 Z06 transplanted 6.2L LT4 with a 1.7L LT4 blower on top which reached a more-than-healthy 650+HP.