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      LS7 Performance Parts / Accessories

      2006-2013 (C6) Z06 ● 2014-2015 (GEN5) Z/28

      The LS7 was a purpose built HUGE 7.0L monster of a motor built specifically for the C6 Z06.  The C6Z was naturally aspirated and made 505HP direct from the factory and given its long production run (2006-2013) and the fact that it flat out performs it has earned its place as a fan-favorite in the Corvette world.  While 505HP for an NA car was (and is) stout enthusiasts have pushed the boundaries on the Z06's LS7 platform making nearly 4-digit horsepower in some high end applications.  Regardless of whether you prefer the LS7 naturally aspirated or boosted its place in Corvette history is secure.