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      LT4 Performance Parts / Accessories

      2015-2019 (C7) Z06 ● 2016-2022 (Gen6) ZL1 ● 2016-2020 (V3) CTS-V ● 2022 CT5-V (V4)

      The LT4 engine platform powers some of the baddest GM cars to roll out of the factory.  Powering the C7 Z06, the 3rd generation CTS-V, 4th generation CTS-V/CT5-V and 6th generation Camaro ZL1 the 6.2L aluminum LT4 is coupled with a 1.7L LT4 blower to force that much more air through those 6.2L.  Synergy has spent years developing and perfecting cooling systems, aftermarket parts and of course, our street ported and max effort race ported LT4 blowers to squeeze the most out of the LT4 platform.