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      ZL1 - Gen5/Gen6 Performance Parts / Accessories

      2012-2015 (Gen5) ZL1 ● 2016-2022 (Gen6) ZL1

      The ZL1 badge dates back to the 1960s and the COPO program BUT the Camaro ZL1 that we're a little more familiar with got its rebirth in 2012 with the 5th generation ZL1.  This newly minted ZL1 Camaro had a LSA power plant (borrowed from the 2nd gen Cadillac CTS-V) and the 6.2L LSA motor also inherited the CTS-V's 1.9L LSA blower.  This combo put the ZL1 at 550+HP from the factory and the gen 5 ZL1 became a fantastic platform for making power.  Not to leave well enough alone GM upped the ante with the 6th gen ZL1 given it the Z06/CTS-V power plant of the time - the 6.2L aluminum LT4 with the 1.7L LT4 blower.  This ZL1 put down 640+HP and has itself become a very popular platform for making power.