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      ZR1 - C6/C7 Performance Parts / Accessories

      2009-2013 (C6) ZR1 ● 2019 (C7) ZR1

      The ZR1 nameplate dates back to 1969 when GM released the C3 Corvette ZR1.  In "modern times" the C4 ZR1 became the unicorn of the 80s with its all aluminum dual-overhead-cam setup.  Fast forward to 2009 the C6 ZR1 was and still is a beast of a car directly from the factory.  Becoming one of the few (at the time) factory supercharged Corvettes the C6 ZR1 married a 6.2L aluminum LS9 engine to a 2.3L blower pushing out 640HP.  Building on the success of the C6, the C7 ZR1 went further with some radical aero additions and of course.. more power.  The C7 ZR1's LT5 power plant mated to a 2.6L LT5 blower put down 755HP - again, from the factory.  The ZR1 truly is a king among sports cars.