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      About Rick and Synergy Motorsports

      Rick Hollenback started what was to become Synergy Motorsports in his home garage at age 17 way back in 1997. He began wrenching on his 1991 Pontiac Firebird and after finally boring himself with early 1990s horsepower he opened the door to the world of LS with a 2000 Pontiac Trans Am Firehawk and the rest, as they say, is Synergy.

      Rick worked out of his garage (where all San Francisco Bay Area startups are founded) for awhile working on his own car and then on friend's cars.  He finally decided to level up and in 2002 Synergy Motorsports got its first shop in San Jose, California.  While there are no surviving pictures of the first shop (this was the early days of digital cameras after-all) we do know that its exterior was pink - a detail which friends of Rick seemed to notice on a daily basis.

      Synergy Motorsports grew throughout the 2000s and upgraded in and out of various locations in the Bay Area. and during this time Rick became fairly well known in the South Bay Area drag racing scene for his tuning and fabrication expertise.

      Synergy Gets Signage at Shop #2 in Newark, CA (mid-2000s)

      Synergy Shop #2 Gets Signage

      Mid 2000s - Newark, CA

      Mid-2000s Dyno Day at Synergy Motorsports in Newark, CA

      Dyno Day!

      Mid 2000s - Newark, CA

      After nearly a decade of doing business in various spots around the Bay Area Rick moved Synergy to Livermore, California to focus on product development and fabrication.  The Livermore facility is a combination research and development facility (housing all of the tools necessary to build parts from scratch) and a complete performance shop capable of the highest-end performance builds.  The shop includes a metal shop and fabrication area with all of the necessary tools, a custom built porting booth, two lifts and a hub-dyno for putting theory to the reality test.

      At the new facility, Rick's focus and expertise have become intertwined with flow dynamics and the optimization of things like complete end-to-end cooling systems, blower porting and anything else that pushes flow (and performance) further.  Over the decades Rick has honed his broad knowledge of the performance automotive landscape to remain on the cutting edge by trying, failing and then trying again.

      Through Rick and his team Synergy Motorsports has become synonymous with high quality, purpose built aftermarket performance parts and Synergy is relied on by some of the highest performance street and strip cars in existence.  We're proud to continue to bring high performance solutions to clients worldwide - oh, and Rick's always tinkering - so check back for new go-fast-science parts often.  You won't be disappointed.