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      The automotive industry unfortunately has its share of folks either looking to make a quick buck or that simply don't know what expertise is and will churn out complete junk under the guise of "proven power".  When it comes to supercharger porting it seems to slant toward the turd rather than the reputable shop.  Don't get me wrong, reputable blower porting shops exist but the vast majority of supercharger ports themselves are junk because they weren't done by a good shop.  What blows too is that often these blower ports - that folks are paying good money for PERFORM WORSE THAN A STOCK UNTOUCHED BLOWER.  Blower porting is both art and science - what it isn't is your buddy with a grinder where success is measured in how much blower material hits the floor.

      Before we get started it's worth showing some "good" ports.  These were from an LS9/C6ZR1 blower.

      good snout port

      A good supercharger snout port flows airs from the intake into the blower.  You can almost visualize the flow above on this ZR1 LPE snout.

      Good blower/snout port 

      The supercharger port continues this flow.  It's hard to tell but this is actually a snout mated to a supercharger.  Can you see the seam where they meet?

      Ideally you see these pictures and their bad commentary and it'll give you an idea of what a bad supercharger porting job looks like so you can call it out when you see it.


      Let's ignore the crappy CNC work and focus on the huge lip where the snout meets the blower.  YES, your snout needs to port-match the blower or else why bother?

      I call this unfinished CNC monstrosity "The Terminator's large intestine and split-window anus... from the inside".

      Ported superchargers are meant to move a ton of air - undisturbed - like an airplane's body.  Does this look like an airplane's body to you?  Or a give-me-your-$$ port job?

      OK.. Again, ignore crappy CNC and focus on the huge turd that is the untouched surface the CNC couldn't reach. Hopefully air will just ignore it??

      Here's another "CNC can't reach so it'll be fine"... This is why "CNC ported blower" doesn't mean "well designed and executed port job".

      Imagine we just ignore the shitty "CNC port" here and focus on the HUGE WART the CNC missed.  I guess the air will just ignore it like the shop did that CNC'd this?

      They had the right idea. Breached the bottom channel and then... just left it... Also, look at how jagged the bottom rim is.  Hand ports are great but this shop's hands aren't.

      It's hard to see in the darkness of this "ported" blower cavern but the hack job here is.. unreal.  Not only will this perform worse than stock I have zero faith that metal wasn't left behind to feed the motor.

      I call this one the "CNC ported supercharger desert from space".